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Photos of the various structures and how they performed during the heavy rains in the fall of 2003, along with some more recent photos.

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Site #3  - near Kyle

During the heavy rains in Nov.2004, the entire backside of this dam gave way in a slide.  This is why it is important that we maintain structures.

Plum Creek Conservation District has applied for Emergency Watershed Protection assistance to help repair this structure.

Site #3 - near Kyle

Another picture of the slide just a few months later.  PCCD has plans for repair.

All Sites

Fertilizer/Herbicide trucks, preparing to spray PCCD dam sites.

Site#28 -
near McMahan

Retaining floodwaters from heavy rains in November 2003

Site#31 - near Tilmon

At full capacity, the waters have reached the emergency spillway.

Site #34 -
West of Lockhart

The purpose of these lakes is to catch flood waters to be released at an engineered rate

Site # 1
- The Plum Creek Development and Golf course in Kyle

This photo shows the influx of development around the lake and the importance of their proper maintenance.

Site #3

This shows a small lake with the new Kyle High school in the background.  It also shows the principal spillway, which goes to a concrete drain underwater.  When a dam catches too much water for the principal spillway to release, the water backs up to an emergency spillway, as in Site 31 near Tilmon.

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