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Plum Creek Conservation District’s Board of Directors is seeking applicants for a staff position with the District.
Currently, the District has three staff positions: an Executive Manager, an Assistant Manager and an Office Secretary. The current Executive Manager will be retiring.

Plum Creek Conservation District (PCCD) is a Water Control and Improvement District, a Political Subdivision in Texas operating under provisions of the Texas Water Code. The District’s powers include those of a Groundwater Conservation District. The original purpose of the District was to carry out obligations under Agreements between the District and NRCS as the District is the primary sponsor for maintenance of 28 flood water retarding structures. When Groundwater Conservation District powers were added to PCCD the scope of its duties became much more complex.

Both the Executive Manager and the Assistant Manager position require ability to interact with the District’s Board of Directors, other water professionals involved in programs like those included in the list of duties of PCCD, and for communications with the general public on matters within the duties of PCCD. Duties also include responsibility for the District’s compliance with obligations of a political subdivision that levies taxes and can involve some work in the field. The employees of the District filling each of the three positions have developed a practice of working together to accomplish the purposes and obligations of PCCD and the Board is expecting that type of working relationship will continue.

Successful applicants for each position must possess ability to function as an integral part of the organizational structure. Minimum qualifications are a high school diploma with at least some college or technical training or experience related to all the operations of PCCD. Computer skills, GIS and fiscal management software knowledge, and agricultural land management experience will also be considered beneficial. Criminal Background checks will be obtained and references will be checked and consulted.

Salaries and benefits associated with the position have not yet been determined by the Board. To some extent those will reflect the education, backgrounds, experiences of applicants and the position for which the applicant is selected. Applicants should state expected salary ranges based on their qualifications.

Those interested are invited to submit applications listing qualifications, experience, salary expectations, and listing references to:
Position Applications, Plum Creek Conservation District, P. O. Box 328, Lockhart, Texas 78644.

Applications may also be delivered to the Plum Creek Conservation District Office at 1101 W. San Antonio St., Lockhart, Texas 78644.

The Board expects to act on applications received during September 2018 at the latest. If there are questions, please call Johnie Halliburton at (512) 398-2383.