Job Bids Site 21 Updated


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IFB AMENDMENT #2, 1-18-2022                                                                   Click here to open

Bidders Must use this REVISED BID SCHEDULE!


IFB AMENDMENT #1, 1-13-2022                                                                   Click here to open

Site 21 Site Showing Attendance Sheet 1-6-2022                                           Click here to open

Note:  Bid Opening DATE Changed to 10AM, January 26, 2022


Invitation for Bids (IFB) No. PCCD-22-PCW21Rehab-01
                              Site 21 Rehabilitation

BID PACKAGE (includes Plan Holder Registration Form)
(The Bid Package is located in 2 separate files.  Please download from the links below.)

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Plan Holder Registration Form/Terms and Conditions

Part I (Bidder Notice, Instructions, BID FORMS, sample Contract Agreement)

Part II (General Conditions)

Part III (Supplemental Conditions)

Part IV (Construction and Material Specifications)

Part VI (Wage Rates)

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Part V – Drawing No. TX-EN-0754 (with divider sheet)


ENGINEERING DOCUMENTS (for informational purposes):

  • NEW – Site 21 Hydraulic Information
    • Plum 21 SITES Summary Table [pdf file]                      ​                      Click here to open​
    • Site 21 Hydraulic Models  [CITRIX file]                                           ​    Click here to open
  • As-Built Drawings of original dam construction completed 7/13/1962       Click here to open
    and 1968 modification to principal spillway inlet [10-page pdf file]
  • Soil Mechanics Reports
      • 1961, NRCS, 14-page pdf file                                                      Click here to open
      • 2015, NRCS, 57-page pdf file                                                      Click here to open
      • 2021, AECOM, 101-pg. pdf + Appendices                                   Click here to open
  • Geologic Investigation Reports
      • 1961, NRCS, 13-page pdf                                                            Click here to open
      • 2014, NRCS, 28-page pdf                                                            Click here to open
      • 2021, AECOM, 203-page pdf file                                                  Click here to open




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