Job Bids

Invitation for Bids: 


Plum Creek Conservation District invites you to bid on ground application of fertilizer and herbicide to approximately 598 acres at 24 flood control structures.  Applications are to be accomplished on or about April 1, 2021 on 296 acres and on or about May 1, 2021 on  302 acres.  If you wish to bid on this project, please provide us with a total price of the project on or before noon of March 16th, 2021.  PCCD reserves the right to evaluate bids and to reject all bids.  Please see the bid document for more specific information on Acreage and application rates as indicated below:

BID DOCUMENT FOR FERTILIZATION & HERBICIDE APPLICATION Invitation to Bid-Fertilization & Herbicide Application2021


Please see maps showing the approximate acreage needed for application:

Site 4   Site 6   Site 7     Site 8   Site 10   Site 11    Site 12    Site 14    Site 15  Site 16

Site 17  Site 18   Site 20   Site 21   Site 23   Site 24   Site 26   Site 27   Site 28

Site 29   Site 31   Site 34   Site 37   Site 38


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